Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Shame

I have no shame.

I love leg warmers.

I'm not even from the 80s, yet I love these things! I'm wearing them as I write this post. They are so warm and comfy; a perfect alternative to wearing pants!

I also love sunflowers. These were sitting on the windowsill. I took them outside so I could photograph them against the stone. I thought it made a nice, contrasting background to the vibrant flowers. I've never been one for staging; mostly because the majority of flowers I photograph are still on the plant, so it's not easy to move them. However, I really do like staging; getting to choose the best environment, the best light to take the photo.

Leg warmer love!!

Since I was already outside, I took some photos of the yard.

To clarify any confusion....well I actually don't know what the purple stuff is, come to think of it. I know that it serves to protect the grapes from any hungry wildlife.


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