Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Retrospection 2013

Last year I wrote a blog post looking back over 2012 and dreaming of what would happen in 2013. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions-- my year is marked more by the academic calendar, if I did resolutions they would be August Resolutions like 'I resolve to do my physics reading every night and not just the nights I know I'll have a quiz'.

However, I think the New Year's is a great time for reflection over the past year and to write down dreams for the upcoming year. So get ready for some embedded links!

2013. I went to my first physics conference. I became obsessed with sushi. I went to my first concert. I had a blast celebrating Spring Break with friends down in New Orleans. I ended my sophomore year of college, slightly surprised that the workload of a Physics major hadn't killed me. I went on my first international mission trip, a dream of mine for many years now, spending almost a week in the beautiful country of Honduras. I wished I spoke Spanish more than just putting a Spanish accent on French words that look vaguely like they could pass as Spanish.

I started an awesome research position coding robots at my college. My cooking skills were tested by my first time living on my own. I bought a new lens for my camera ((for those who aren't obsessed with photography like me, this is a big deal)). I helped create decorations for my brother's wedding.

I started preparing for my study abroad trip. I road-tripped down to Houston with my family and got my visa while my brother and his new wife got their visas to teach in Spain. Then, on September 2nd, I boarded a plane heading for a semester in France. I don't even know how to recap my semester there. It was full of ups and downs, challenges and adventures. There were days I cursed whoever first planted the idea of studying abroad in my head, and there were days I wished I could stay in France for more than just a semester.

 I feel in love with Lyon. I met up with a friend in Dublin. I had a blast, and saw Phantom of the Opera, in the amazing city of London. I was blown away by the beautiful mountains in Annecy. I ate more ham sandwiches than I have ever eaten in my entire life. I also set a personal record eating delicious chocolate; every week I would try new flavors and I still hadn't tried them all by the time I left. I took a weekend trip to Barcelona.

As my stay drew to a close I began to realize how many little things that I would miss about France. Though I was glad to leave my little cubical of a room-- where I had, literally, zero privacy-- I was sad to say goodbye to the awesome friends I had made. The semester had been a mini-vacation, as the workload was exponentially lighter than  I was used to. However, it did have all the normal stresses of starting over at a new environment. In that respect it'll be nice to go back to Hendrix and see all the friends I've missed.

2013! Whew. It was a jam packed year. I realized many of my dreams-- my dream to study abroad, my dream to visit Ireland.

2014. With all the amazing stuff I did last year, I'm excited for 2014, even though it won't have the international flair that 2013 did.

The weekend before school starts I'm heading to my second Women in Physics conference, where I hope to present my research on robotics. I also have to prepare and take the GRE. Hopefully I'll be able to land a great summer research position-- I'm applying to some really cool places. This time next year I will be halfway through my senior year of college. D:

Thanks for reading! I hope that you had a great 2013 :)

Happy New Year!

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