Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's done. +movement!

So, I did it.

I bought a camera.


Granted, I bought it off ebay so it'll take a while to get in and I probably won't get to hold my baby until next week, after my adventure in the woods. ;) I've been camping only once before, with my friend and his family. I slept in the trailer, and it was nice. So it's gonna be interesting to actually 'camp' with tents. And spiders. O.o

Anyway, cameras! I went with the Canon EOS T3 because one, I couldn't find any faults that would really affect me, two, it was cheaper, and three, hey I've always like Canon. ;)

Besides, I figure any camera I get-- either Canon or Nikon-- will be of roughly the same caliber. I'm not going end up with a crappy camera.

Anyway, I wanted to finally post the Lake-- haha the park in my town-- photos.

Right off the bat it was apparent that our original plans of getting good sunset colored photos was not gonna happen. The sunset was completely and utterly covered by clouds.

What we did find were little frogs. One happened to hop across our path. I squealed and attempted to get a photo, but it he was too far away by this time. That's when my friend graciously stepped in as the frog whisper. Or frog wrangler. Take your pick.

He's a cutie isn't he? He was pretty tame, sitting in Brit's hand for like ten pictures. Unfortunately, most of them were out of focus, just enough to annoy. It was dark and an odd angle, so I wasn't able to fully tell if the picture was in focus.

Once the frog decided he had posed enough, and hoped off, we continued toward the westward facing water.

That's about the only good water photo I got that night. It quickly became apparent that with the clouds covering the sun there were no nice colors...just kind of grey-ness....

So we headed back to the playground, because one of my friends wanted to swing. ;)

As they were swinging, I ended up sitting on the ground. Then it hit me-- hey, perfect photo opportunity!

I loved how even at the low shutter speed ((random side note, the canon was tested better for combating camera shake, consumer reports loveedd the canon over the nikon actually. anyway, sorry for the interruption...)) the background remains in focus, while my friends turned into colorful streaks.

It was while I was staring at the ground that I got inspiration for my next photo. I've really become intrigued with the whole 'zooming' while the camera is taking the picture. I like how it kind of propels you into the picture.

It also makes it look like your traveling through space at warp speed. But that's another story. ((Yes I'm a geek. Sorry. Not really))

For the next photo...my very gracious friend slid down the barred slide roughly thirty times so I could
a) get a good motion photo
b) try my hand a 'panning' a technique I've always wanted to master.

While I got good motion, I didn't fully master panning..but oh wellll. Some other time? ;)

For the last photo I stopped trying to do anything, and just kept the camera still, which turned her into a curved streak of light.

I was ecstatic. My friend said her butt hurt.

So we moved on.

I just love the feeling of these...like attempts at flying.

At breaking gravity...

And just flying away...

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