Thursday, July 21, 2011

With the setting of the sun...

...comes amazing light.

And subsequently, amazing pictures. ;)

Yes, I dragged my friend to a local lake last night for the sole purpose of taking pictures. I have no shame ((nor no one should. The wood is just trees, the trees are just wood...sorry.;)). Luckily for me, my friend is a very willing model. But the night started off with nature shots.

There was about forty min till sunset when we arrived at the park. We had parked in a bad place to view the sunset, so we started to walk around the lake to get a good westward view. These little flowers caught my eye as they were illuminated by the warm rays of the sun.

For the yellow flowers...I took roughly twenty pictures, and only two/three actually turned out. The problem was the angle. Unless I literally wanted to lay on the ground-- keep in mind I was wearing semi nice clothes and the ground was covered in mud and goose poop-- I couldn't see what I was shooting. I just set the manual focus ((I don't believe that my camera has auto focus...if it does I can't find it)) and blindly shoot. I would look at the result, squint in the sun, and try to determine if it was in focus. If it wasn't, I would change the focus and try again. ;) There's gotta be a better way to do this...I just haven't ((met you yet)) found it yet. Sorry! Song lyrics can just be so applicable in everyday life. ;)

Anyway! The purple flowers were a much better angle so I could review the shot as I was taking it.

As we continued to walk around the lake, we came upon this nicely situated little bench, where the setting sun peaked through the trees to illuminate.

My lovely model. :) I really like how the sun lightly colored her hair, but was unable to fully capture that color in a photo.

Next we came upon a little pier. We finally had reached a bend where we were looking over the lake, and facing westward-- perfect for the shots. ((I really felt like it was a photo shoot. Scouted out the location, brought a 'model', and set up the photos ;) getting into the big leagues!))

It was odd, I had already taken a lot of photos but had just now getting ready to take the photos I had planned to take...I guess what I mean to say was when I was thinking about the photos I wanted to take, I thought a lot about just silhouettes and closeups of the water and such, like the photos that I had taken during my only other sunset photography. ((side note, that early 'session' was taken primarily with my iPhone D: it's odd how things change. Now, I wouldn't go anywhere without my camera. The iPhone's good, but the camera's better. The only reason I know that is I had to send my iPhone off for work during the summer and was forced to use my actual camera. Thank goddess! Otherwise, I would still be taking pictures with my iPhone))

So the moral? I guess that you should not focus on replicating early photos, but be open to things that spontaneously arise once you're there. For me, I hadn't planned on taking pictures of flowers/ect but I really like how they turned out.

Anyway! Long post...I think I'll break it into two posts.

A couple last photos...There are a crazy number of geese ((story on that later!)) at this lake. ((side note, it's gonna soon be illegal to feed the geese, as they are getting to be /that/ much of a nuisance)) So when we finally got to the perfect little stretch of...mud? there was this goose feather just laying there, illuminated beautiful by the last rays of the setting sun.

One again the angle was odd, and the ground was filthy, so it was really hard to get a good, in focus photo.

But I managed ;)

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