Monday, July 18, 2011

This morning, I braved the heat ((it's actually the coolest day in a while, just in the 90s)) to take some pictures. I haven't been out in my yard to take pictures in a couple of weeks, a combination of heat and travel.

Anyway, it was weird, how much the yard has changed in what seems to me like such as short time. All the cone flowers were dead, probably victims of the heat. There was this huge flower which had risen out of nothing, I didn't even remember seeing a sprout there.

Oddly enough, this new plant was where I got my best pictures this morning.

It's a sunflower, I believe. Whatever it is, it is /tall/. Like six feet tall. I had to reach up and pull it over to see the top.

Anyway, the heat was worth it. ;)

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