Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photoshop is funnn

Yeah, I know, I've written before about the amazing-ness of Photoshop.

I just thought I would reiterate. ;)

Recently, I found a new (to me) feature of Photoshop, called 'selective color' or something to that effect. It allows me to edit just specific colors, rather than editing the entire photo.

I love playing around with it.

I love how the recoloring looks almost realistic, how the new colors blend so well with the orignal ones. It's not like I took a paintbrush and just started painting, it blends better than that.



It's just so much fun! Granted, then I have to post a disclaimer, how the photo was a product of Photoshop. Otherwise people might think I have mutant purple sunflowers in my backyard.

Which would actually be really cool. ;)

But totally not happening.

So, tomorrow I leave for the lake! I'm going with my friend and her family. First time this summer to go the lake, first time ever legit camping. O.o Did I mention how much I hate bugs? Oh well, it'll be fun. (: I probably won't post again till we get back, sometime on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have a ton of photos to share. :)

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