Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wonders of the Night

It's 4th of July weekend and soon mes parents et moi are taking off. :) Before we did that, I thought I would write a little post, and put up some pictures. I don't believe that I've shown my night photography here yet. I took the pictures a while ago, and just never put them up.

Anyway, there's this little meadow on the outskirts of town that my friends and I like to go to sometimes to stargaze. A month or so ago we went there and I decided that it was the perfect place to take long exposure photos. There was a full moon that had just risen, and it provided the perfect background.

Each picture was probably around 15 second exposure. I held the camera, and my friends used their phones to create the streaks of light you see.

That was the closest I got to spelling my name :P

That last one was a mistake :P I was trying to take a photo of something and while it was taking the picture, I pulled my phone out to check something. Even though it was a mistake, I still love it ;)

Well, that's it, I gotta run!

Happy 4th of July (weekend) everyone :)

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