Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Little Kitty ;)

So, I've finally decided. Well, somewhat. Mostly. I think.

I'm getting a SLR camera.


Thanks to various things, I'll have around 600 coming in-- just enough for an entry level DSLR.


Right now, I'm leaning towards a Nikon d3100. It seems like a good camera...even if it doesn't have AEB =/
Oh wellll...I'll live. ;)

Trying to find the right camera has been frustrating. There are so many out there! And they are so expensive.

However, I've been wanting a SLR for a while now. My point and shoot is nice, but it just lacks some capabilities. I'll be able to get interchangeable lenses. :D That is, if my bank account ever recovers....

Anyway, I wanted to do something besides just talking about the possibility of a new camera, so I thought I would post some pictures of my kitty Foster. He was actually one of the first pictures that I posted on this blog, wayyy back in my first post.

I'm gonna miss him when I go off to least I'll be able to come back and visit. ;)

See? Active little kitty ;) I love long exposure photos. I just love the motion that they convey-- something that photography is not know for. Which reminds me. My very nice friends were willing models for another lake shoot. This time the sunset was completely covered by clouds, so there was no nice light. What there was, though, was motion. And frogs. But mostly motion. And playgrounds. And stealing swings from little kids. Ahhh, next post ;)

Close-up. ;)

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