Monday, July 25, 2011

Victims of the Heat

So it's hot here. Hot as in, heat indexes of 105-110.

Understandably, this heat has its effects.

There are many victims in my backyard.

It's a combination of the sky high heat and the little watering they got while we were on vacation...

Either way, they are deadddd and they look burnt. But that's probably just me.

So, on the DSLR camera discussion...I've actually switched my alliances. The Nikon d3100 is 600. One of its competitors, the Canon EOS T3 is 518.

Right off the bat, that sounds good. ;) Pricing aside, the Canon doesn't lack any of the features of the Nikon. The Canon actually has more-- it has the AEB I've always wanted.

Nikon doesn't have that.

The Canon isn't good for those who want sky high ISOs, as they are pretty noisy.

I hate using moderately high ISOs, so this doesn't apply to me.

The Canon isn't good for those who need to continuous take pictures, like a sports photography.

I photograph plants. They tend not to move.

The Nikon has some weird requirement with lots of technical terms-- the only thing I got was something about it not working perfectly with some of Nikon's lenses.

The Canon doesn't have that problem.

Sure, the Canon's menu isn't as good as the Nikon's. I'll deal. Sure, the 'feel' of the Canon is supposedly 'cheaper' than the Nikon because it lacks some sort of 'rubber' grip. I'll deal.

The Canon (with the lens that comes with the camera) has a min focus distance of 9 inches. Yes, this will hurt me.


The Nikon has a min focus distance of 2 feet. That would kill me.

And of course I can eventually get a lens that can focus closer. Eventually. For like Christmas. ;)

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