Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Zebras-- oh my!

Yes, there was a zebra. In Arkansas.

But anyway, story for a later post! I just got back from our expedition into the wilderness.

Here there be humidity.

Okay, sorry, enough with the murdering of quotes. Anyway, it was lots of fun, even with the sky high temperatures, humidity, and lack of air conditioned bathrooms.

You wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference.

Believe me, it does.

Oh well, at least we had a bathroom with plumbing within eyesight. Gotta have priorities. Anyway, I'll be posting pictures from our camping adventure over the next few days, possibly interrupted by the fact my SLR is supposed to come in tomorrow. :D

While it was crazy hot, there was the lake, which kept it from being truly miserable.

I just loved this shot. Not necessary the picture itself, but the road which led straight into the water, the pavement disappearing under the waves. Very Inception-esque...

As soon as we began to set up camp-- which included two tents and a screen tent for the table-- we found what seemed like a whole brood of baby frogs, just hopping around. So we spent the next ten minutes chasing them and squealing at just how cute they were. ;)

After we set up the camp, we went on a walk just around the water. A good number of the trees had been scorched by the sun, their leaves dying off. It looked like just didn't feel like it.

The lake is in a constant state of flooding-- there were multiple camp sites flooded when we were there. A surprising number of normal non water trees had survived being immersed in water.

It was dark, but I still was able to somewhat 'freeze' the water which rushed in, lapping the rocky shore. I didn't do this out of some photographic 'oh let me frame this picture' but rather I totally forgot about making the water 'smooth'.

And then I remembered ;) I'm glad that I didn't start out with the smooth water, because I do like freezing water, but often opt for the silky smooth more. I just love long exposures ;)

The lake really was beautiful, and worth the heat

In other news...I lost a friend today. Like, all out, I don't want to be your friend anymore, from her to me by the way. It's sad....we were really good friends, but I can't do anything if she doesn't want to be friends anymore.

I much prefer losing friends the slow way. Growing apart, telling myself 'oh, we'll see each other sometime', talking every now and then. Thinking them as your friend, even if you haven't seen them in months. And then, eventually, a long ways down the road, you look at them, and remember fondly the times you had together, not the harsh ending which could have happened.

Long analogy short, I prefer my relationships to have a hazy, gentle ending which gracefully blends from middle to end rather than an abrupt harsh ending springing from previous actions.

But then again, doesn't everyone?

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