Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just another pretty face...

So this weekend I stumbled upon a goat/sheep pen...

((Seriously, I thought it would be easy to distinguish between the sheep and the goats...it's not))

Regardless, they are adorable. ;) I didn't have my camera with me, so I whipped out my iPhone and started snapping away. Major disadvantage-- auto focusing. It was like a gamble, whether or not the pictures would be in focus. Luckily, I won the gamble a couple of times to get some cute pictures.


Both sheep and goats can have horns, and none were noticeably 'fluffier' than the others.

Suffice to say I am a city girl, lacking any experience with farm animals. Except for that one time in 4-H where I judged cattle. That was fun. But! Besides that-- and well horse camp, that'sssss another story-- I am just not around farm animals. ((Except for that time in France! Haha, and then on the way back home they have that sheet 'have you ever...' well not like the game, because you don't just lose you could be like quarantined so the rule of thumb is to check 'no' on every single one of them. At least, at 15, that seemed like the way to go. And it was. The truth is just so inconvenient. Honesty is never the best policy-- I have another story for that one! But! I was talking about sheep, right?....))

Haha, okay story time is over. For now. ;)

I thought I would show a little before/after shot. I was still using my iPhone for this photo and the exposure did not turn out as I would have liked-- the highlights were far too bright. A little tweaking, and a fun action later, I'm happy with the photo.



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